About Me

Rose gold is a mixture of the glamour of gold, the accessibility of silver, and the grit of copper. It embodies something I’ve always felt; the moments that matter most in life are never purely one thing. This complexity is what allows these moments to evolve with us and continue to define who we are.

My name is Diana and I recently became a mother to an excruciatingly adorable baby girl, Chloe. What I felt when I first saw her was rose gold. I was simultaneously overwhelmed with both joy and fear; joy for her precious existence in our lives and fear about whether or not we could properly care for this beautiful little stranger.

My whole life I have often been overwhelmed by these kind of emotions.  I recently learned about the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and it has relieved me of my confusion about why my experiences have often felt like “too much,” and also granted me the joy of knowing I have a uniquely introspective lens with which I see the every day. So much has become clearer to me about how I have experienced the world thus far and now as I start my journey as a new mom.

Chloe has given me inspiration to start this blog so that I can unpack some of my experiences as a highly sensitive new mama, while also sharing baby products I’m finding to be invaluable along the way.

To join me on my journey, please use form below for email updates about new content. I will try to publish 1–2 new posts a month for now as I’m often typing with one hand in the dark while Chloe is asleep between diaper changes and feedings.